FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

What is the main premise of the game?

The game is an interactive experience where AI-generated art is displayed and users try to guess the caption for the piece.
Nope! You can play without signing up. However, to be eligible for the monthly reward you DO have to sign up and play. There is currently no fee to download or play the game.
When you launch the game, an AI-generated art piece will be displayed. Your task is to guess the caption for that artwork.
Don't worry! The game is designed to be a fun experience. You will have 6 guesses and 3 hints to try to find the answer. If you are unable to find the answer in the allotted guesses, the correct answer will be displayed on the app the following day.
Yes, there are 3 hints available. You can access them by clicking on the 'Hint' button.
Yes! There is one art displayed per day!
The developers will use keyword to prompt a 3rd party advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) art generator to create an image that describes the desired scenario. All images are created by one of four, 3rd-party AI art generators (JAsperAI, ArtSpace.ai, NightCafe, and Call-E 2). See Terms and Services for more details.
At the end of each month, one registered player (i.e a user who has logged in with a username/email) with the highest point total for that month will be offered a $50 prepaid Visa gift card. (See Terms and Services for details)
We would love to hear your feedback! Please email admin@outwit-ai.com with your feedback.

Outwit-AI is trade name of Modern Escapes LLC